Plastic profiles

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

TPE is the general name for thermoplastic elastomer also named thermoplastic rubber. TPE is a rubber-like material which can be used by moulding, 2K moulding or extrusion.The general fields of usage for thermoplastics elastomers (TPE) are cable covers, vehicle window sealing, car carpets, air sacks, dashboard covers, sport equipment.

Kecskeméti Gumiipari Ltd. is using the following TPE types: SBS, SEBS,TPV (EPDM/PP).

Thermoplastic materials:

Plastics are artificially made or transformed big molecule materials, organic polymers. They are present at most of the important fields in our lives, in households, in vehicles, health system and in electronics.

Based on the production technology, plastics can be divided into 3 main groups: thermoset, thermoplastic, and flexible plastics.

Kecskeméti Gumiipari Ltd. is working with the following thermoplastics: PE,PA,PP